My name is Bill Almas and I am Chevron’s manager for future development/re-use of the former Pacific Coast Pipeline site. I work closely with my colleague, Leslie Klinchuch, who manages clean up activities at the site. Leslie and I are excited to be moving ahead with plans to revitalize the property. This website is designed to provide information to keep you informed about our progress. We welcome your participation.

Bill Almas
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What’s New

2014 Restoration Progress: 100%

Supporting local business in Fillmore and Ventura County

Local businesses frequented:

Fillmore Rents
Best Western Motel, Fillmore
Starbucks, Fillmore
The BBQ Place, Fillmore
Vallarta Restaurant, Fillmore
Ameci's Pizza, Fillmore
Circle K, Fillmore
El Pescador, Fillmore
Central Station, Fillmore
Movie Train Cafe, Fillmore
Subway, Fillmore
Margaret's Cocina, Fillmore
Rite Aid, Fillmore
Vons, Fillmore
Valero Gas Station, Fillmore
Chevron Gas Station, Fillmore
Yanni's, Fillmore
Lafonte's, Fillmore
United Rentals, Ventura
The Hose Man, Oxnard,
Praxair, Ventura

Local firms hired:

MG Taylor Equipment
Quality Ag
E.J. Harrison
Standard Industries
Retired, disabled Navy Seabees from Ventura County are our onsite safety officers during field work.